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Trouble Viewing MAPS Videos

There are two common issues that give people trouble in watching our online video content - security settings and internet speed. Here are our recommended fixes for these issues --

Security settings: Usually the videos will just appear as black boxes if it is a security setting issue. When you open up a page with video on it and a window pops up asking if it is trusted content and/or to 'Allow' you to view the content, be sure to allow it.

Internet Speed: If you are getting a spinning icon, or have video that starts and stops, that is a speed issue We are looking into other compression and format options but they are not available right now.Given our current setup - here are our recommendations:

1) Most DSL providers have different speed packages - typically for a relatively small amount (extra $10/month) you can upgrade. Many of our students have had a great deal of success with that. When you have completed your training you can always switch back to current internet settings

2) Download the videos to your computer on the MAPS-to-Go tab. You can let the videos download overnight and have them all available to watch. Just as a warning - these videos are still fairly large so you will need disk space. (Full program contains upwards of 33gb)

3) Down load the MP3s on the MAPS-to-Go tab and follow along with the books. Most of our slides are fairly static, so the audio along with the books is sufficient for many people.